An INCREMENTAL DATA BACKUP is a type of data backup set that, when performed, only selects files that have changed since the last backup (of any type). Within the operating system of your computer there are status flags. These status flags inform the operating system whether the file has been changed (e.g. opened, modified and / or re-saved). If the status flag is set, the next time an incremental data backup is performed these files will be backed up.

Typically ‘Incremental’ backups are performed everyday, thus your maximum exposure to file loss is only one day. If your data or your business requires more protection, thus more frequent data backups, we recommend performing a ‘Full’ backup every other day and an ‘Incremental’ twice a day.
OSB recommends that you run an ‘Incremental’ data backup on a daily basis.

A FULL DATA BACKUP set protects all the files you have selected, independent of the status of the file flag. The OffSite Backup application simply looks at the list of files you identified when you configured your OffSite Backup schedule and selects all those files to be included in the backup session. When the full data backup session is complete, the status flag of all selected files is set as of the date and time the backup completed. The full data backup will make a complete copy of all the files you selected to be protected.
OSB recommends that you run a ‘Full’ data backup on a weekly basis.

A DIFFERENTIAL DATA BACKUP set is similar to the Incremental data backup set, except that the status of the file flag is manually controlled by the user. You have the option of setting the flag, thus indicating to the OffSite Backup application that you want this particular file backed up. Or you can manually set the flag to indicate that you want this file skipped during the next backup session. This particular data backup set type (DIFFERENTIAL) is not commonly used, in that the objective of the OffSite Backup system is to have data backups performed without operator intervention.